Water Damage Restoration DuPont


Every south of Pike Place from Harbor Island to Highline is a potential flood zone according to the DuPont city measurements of rainwater above sea level. We get a lot of rain here in DuPont but we have great solutions to the problems we face. First, grab yourself a piping hot cup of joe and keep calm, the storm is only on its path through and there will be light again. That all starts with a call to Flood Restoration pros for a complete home and property clean up of your place after a storm hits by a flood of rainwater or a broken plumbing pipe or knocking over a fifty-foot aquarium, hey we don’t mind. We are professionals and we have a job to do, beautifying your home against all odds.

Salvage What You Can Home Before It’s Too Late

If it were a fire then you would run out with your life. However, flooding has a much different type of damage style. It may look as if furniture items are ok but unless you get the right help in time then you can kiss them goodbye. The infestation will cause rancid smells as the bacteria and mold eat away at the fibrous particles and no cleaning on upholstery will save it. The general rule of thumb is to begin cleaning within 24 hours of rainwater touching the item. This is the only way to be sure the microorganisms have not spread within it. Flood Restoration Pros will attempt to salvage any item they can for your purposes. We can discard of any mess that can not be treated and we are the best at telling the difference

What Flood Water Removal Clean Up Can Help With:

  • Water extraction and removal
  • Rapid drying of carpets, rugs, mats, floors and walls
  • Carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning
  • Dehumidifying the entire premises
  • Mildew treatment as part of water restoration
  • Garbage removal and disposal
  • Deodorizing and disinfecting
  • Walls, carpets, and furniture restored to pre-loss condition

Flood Restoration Technicians DuPont

The staff of Flood Restoration Pros are the top experts in the field of flood extraction in homes and renewing the freshness of before. No matter if the cause was a burst pipe or just rain, we have the tools to restore and rejuvenate your home in the quickest time. With years of experience we can quickly assess the damages that storms should induce in a neighborhood and to particular homes based on their attributes and the corresponding exposure to the water. Additionally, we use the most We use high-tech monitoring equipment to detect the presence of moisture-even under floors and behind walls. We take action immediately to avoid the potential collection of mold, mildew and other nasty microorganisms caused by water damage. Only by implementing the correct water damage restoration procedures can you truly ensure that the smells, bacteria, and rust stay gone. We use specialized air movers that concentrate large amounts of air along floors, carpets, and walls in order to cut down drying time. Our commercial dehumidifiers can be brought in when the air humidity enters a critical factor.

Better Technology For Advanced Cleaning

Flood Restoration Pros takes cleaning up of your property with absolute assurance. We guarantee you will return in your home smelling like the Hoh Rainforest. No more moldy stench lurking nearby. Floods are something we tackle with full force. The tools in our bag consist of air deionizers and air movers and good old fashioned elbow grease. We want your fragile items to be protected whenever possible. That’s why we take into account the fragility and design of each furniture item when we go to extract every drop of moisture while keeping together the integrity of the item and its use in your home.

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Our Guarantee in Service

Flood Restoration Pros is here to help clean up after the devastation of a flood to your property in DuPont, WA. Call us toll-free at 844-556-6330 to receive immediate help on flood water extraction. We offer affordable pricing and often help property owners assign the insurance as payments. We can walk you through the process one at a time with confidence and patience.

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