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Water Damage Restoration In Staten Island, NYC

Cleaning up after a flood requires calling a community of people who can help you see it through. You need emotional support, insurance filing, and clean up. Flood Restoration Pros is here to help you see you through and reestablish your foundations after a devastating impact from water damage. Call us on our toll-free number 844-556-6330 any time of day or night for emergency water removal services Staten Island.

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Damage Restoration
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Water Damage Staten Island

Here’s where timing is of the essence. You have to be quick to contact a flood clean up crew immediately after seeking safe shelter. Let us know as soon as we can come to your place and begin to clean up. With clean water from a burst copper pipe in your building you have about 72 hours to dry the items and prevent any mildew from accumulating. When it comes to rainwater, the debris is magnified and you only have 24 hours to salvage any items. Flood water removal is near impossible to remove from furniture but there is still the mater of clean up for the property. That’s why Flood Restoration Pros answers the call and sends an emergency response team to tackle those problems head-on with all the years of expertise at your side.

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Our Process

Here at Flood Restoration Pros, we have the experienced technicians you need. With the implementation of high-tech dehumidifiers designed to extract airborne toxins from the air in your home. We can inspect for further mold around your home and discard remains as you need. Because we are green thinking pet-friendly, ask us about using certified organic cleaning solutions. We do the job thoroughly and initialize a checkup if needed to ensure your family is living in a sanitary environment.

Water Damage Restoration Service Staten Island

  • Water extraction and removal
  • Rapid drying of carpets, rugs, mats, floors, and walls
  • Carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning
  • Dehumidifying the entire premises
  • Mildew treatment as part of water restoration
  • Garbage removal and disposal
  • Deodorizing and disinfecting
  • 24/7, 365 response time-operators on hand

Mold Remediation Staten Island

It’s always a great idea to get proactive with toxic airborne contaminants in your home. These could be breeding grounds for harmful molds and mildews. Contact us for a mold inspection and treatment of mildew within your property. Mold Remediation is available throughout Long Island and we work with response units to move into the site as soon as it is safe to do so. We want to be here for you during this crucial time in your family’s life.

Servicing the Staten Island Area

Call us up for water removal service Staten Island.We are the most trusted company for flood remediation in the state. When you experience flood damage in your home or property then contact Flood Restoration Pros immediately. Our toll-free number is always here for your convenience. Let the comforting response of our service team guide you after the emergency 844-556-6330

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The Most Trusted Service Nationwide

You can count on Flood Restoration Pros to clean up after a disaster from coast to coast. Call our toll free number 844-556-6330 from anywhere in the country to receive immediate help on flood water extraction in any major city.

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