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Trusted & Reliable Restoration Professionals in San Rafael, CA

Flood Restoration Pros is here to have your Home Magnificently Fresh and Clean. We guarantee!

Flood Restoration Pros takes care of water damage problems for San Rafael. We aid in the recovery after a water disaster and operate with many insurance contracts, so our services might be at no charge to you. Restoring your home after significant water damage cleaning is not always something that you want to attempt yourself. The consequences of flooding can wreak havoc on your carpet and furniture. If it is not treated properly, it can cause permanent structural damage and many health hazards due to mold and mildew. Water drying when water enters your premises, time is your worst enemy. Given the right circumstances, mold will start to grow in a short time. Safely removing all of thel water and drying the premises with rapid speed is crucial to preventing the growth of mold.

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Damage Restoration
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Flood Damage Cleanup San Rafael

We focus on helping you clean up the aftermath of a flood from rainwater, storms, or even broken pipes. We have seen our share of unrecoverable disasters, and we know how to help. We make sure all precautions to ensure you will return to the establishment to breathe sanitary air and have all contaminated items appropriately removed. We always follow regulations regarding waste removal and can handle hazardous wastes.

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Best Value
For Money

Experienced & Certified Technicians San Rafael

Our certified staff will immediately evaluate the situation in your home. Within minutes, we will amount to the safest and most effective method for removing the water and adequately dehumidify the premises. Our technicians will monitor the relative humidity and moisture content during the dehumidification process to efficiently return your property to its pre-loss condition. Our experienced technicians is here to take the pain out of such unfortunate event. We shall restore your home or business back to normal in the shortest time and with the proper precaution to avoid risky contamination from flood damage.

24/7 365 A Year San Rafael

  • Water Extraction & Removal
  • Rapid Drying & Deodorizing of all that has been damaged including walls
  • Cleaning of All that has been Damaged
  • Mold & Mildew Treatments
  • Complete Disinfection
  • We Work with Your Insurance Company
  • Water Extraction & Removal
  • Rapid Drying & Deodorizing of all that has been damaged including walls
  • Cleaning of All that has been Damaged
  • Mold & Mildew Treatments
  • Complete Disinfection
  • Covered under Insurance Policies

Mold Remediation

Get the mold inspection you require and remove toxic molds from your home safely and effectively. Without the right equipment, it is almost impossible to extract all the mold from the premises. This can cause it to grow back stronger in a short time. Get the right service right now.

Fire Damage

Fire is known for utterly devastating everything in its path. While it may vanquish the building, it often leaves the foundation in better condition than with severe water damage. However, there is still a lot to clean up and sort through with fire damage. We can make this process as easy as a phone call to our toll-free number. We can help clear the smoke from getting your property back in order.

We Have the Tools To Make Your Home Safe Again San Rafael

We eliminate the mold and airborne toxins from your home in the safest manner possible. That is part of being a professional mold removal service. If you don’t have access to the right dehumidifying and water extraction equipment, it is literally impossible to remove ALL the mold. Thus, if you want mold entirely off your premises, you need to get the service you need right now from Flood Restoration Pros Mold Remediation Services San Rafael.

The Services You Need

We are understanding that you might be calling us at a stressful time in your life. It is a step forward for rebuilding your life and reclaiming your property in San Rafael. Many steps must be taken for the restoration of your home or business, and we are the company that can specialize in doing so. Our specialists can let you know how long the job will take and approximately what must be disposed and what can be salvaged. Our work entails ensuring that the air-quality is up to healthy conditions as your the safety of the residents of Marin County are on the line.

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The Most Trusted Service Nationwide

Following a flood you need a sympathetic shoulder. You also need a helping hand with many technical issues. Flood Restoration Pros is the company you depend on to clean up after water disaster strikes in San Rafael, CA. Call toll free 844-556-6330 from anywhere in the country to receive immediate help on flood water extraction. We offer many affordable pricing options and often help the property owners apply their insurance as the payment. Let us walk you through these steps one at a time.

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